Week #5 Destiny Keeler

Introducing eight year old Destiny Keeler.  If you happen to see this young lady out and about, please congratulate her—she is the Hayden Public Library’s Reader of the Week #5.  Although this will be “technically the third time” Destiny has made the newspaper, she was “so surprised” to find out she was chosen as Reader of the Week.  Destiny is the daughter to Ana and Brad.  They have lived in Hayden two years and share their home with three dogs; Clover, Ladybug, and Odin.  Destiny’s best friends are Jack, Amy, Ariel, and Blane.  Her favorite colors are red, pink, and orange.  Destiny will be going into the third grade and her favorite subject is Math.  She enjoys singing, playing, watching PJ Masks, reading Fancy Nancy books, and eating broccoli.  When asked what she’d like to be when she grows up Destiny replied, “a lot of things”.  For now, she is looking forward to camping at Steamboat Lake with her family soon.  Her advice to others about reading is “You should find a book that you like and then you’ll like reading all the time—even if it’s a picture book”.  We think that is great advice. 
Congratulations Destiny!

Week #1 Jack

​Meet Hayden Public Library’s Reader of the Week #1, Jack! Jack is five years old and lives with his parents, Nikki and Jake.  They have one “pretty plump” cat named Alphabet.  His best friends are Destiny, Arden, Amara, Emma, Wyatt, Violette, and his Grandma and Grandpa.  His favorite color is red and he loves eating granola with blueberries.  He enjoys playing baseball, board games, riding his bike, playing with cars, and seeing his friends.  His favorite books are the Magic School Bus series as well as Magic Tree House.  Appropriately he is working on becoming a Master Librarian and his favorite subject is Science!  This summer he hopes to visit his friends Kelly and Emma along with his Grandma and Grandpa.  When Jack was told he was chosen as Reader of the Week his eyes lit up and an enormous grin permeated his face. He says he felt excited and later told his mom “Wow, I can’t believe I’m Reader of the Week” with the greatest sense of pride.  His advice to younger readers—“You have to understand words”.

Week #7 Charlotte Lehman

Seven year old Charlotte Lehman felt excited to learn she’d been chosen as the Hayden Public Library’s 7th Reader of the Week.  Charlotte lives with her three sisters; ages 3, 5, and 9, dogs Maybell and Ruby, honey bees, and parents Mark and Kimi Lehman.  The family has been in Hayden three years.  A homeschooler, Charlotte is entering the 2nd grade.  Her favorite subjects are Math and Journaling.  Her favorite colors are black, white, and blue.  She enjoys playing soccer, cooking/baking, swimming, playing football, Harry Potter movies, eating sushi, and spending time with her friends; Lucy, Kash, Jade, Easton, Levi, and Sammy.  In future years Charlotte would like to be a white water rafter.  For now, she looks forward to a road trip planned for the fall to visit family in Michigan and Illinois.  Charlotte’s favorite book is “You Read to Me, I Read to You”.  She says “Any kid, any age can read.  You can learn books by reading, listening to audio books, or talking about pictures”.  

Congratulations Charlotte!

Week #2 Zane Haight

​​​Meet Zane, son to Christie and Mark, and also the Hayden Public Library’s 2nd Reader of the Week!  They live with their two dogs, Wiley and Blue, one of which is a puppy.  Zane is six years old and has spent his whole life living in Hayden.  He is in the first grade and prefers “free time” while in school.  His best friends are Paxton, Quinten, and “a lot more people”.  Camping is on his summer agenda.  His favorite colors are red, blue, black, and white.  When it comes time to eat he favors corndogs and spaghetti with meatballs.  He likes football, watching motorcycle races, and playing with his cousin for fun.  His favorite movie is Bluey and he likes to read Star Wars.  When asked about his future he says, “I want to be a ghostbuster when I grow up.” 
                                                                         Congratulations Zane!

Week #3 Pierce

Hayden Public Library’s third Reader of the Week is nine year old Pierce! Pierce is the son to Paul and Lisa-Marie.  He has three brothers and their family has lived in Hayden for four years.  He has one pet cat whose name is Viscountess Esther Dalrymple, or just Esther for short.  Pierce is going into the fifth grade and his favorite subject is Science.  When he grows up he’d like to be a priest.  His favorite color is green so it makes perfect sense that his favorite food is beans.  He enjoys building with Legos, biking, hiking with his family, taekwondo, and watching football.  His favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.  He loves all of the Lord of the Rings films.  Pierce was very excited to find out he was chosen as Reader of the Week.  His advice to other kids on reading is to “choose books about things you like so you’ll enjoy reading”. 

                                                                   Congratulations Pierce!

Week #6 Autumn Arsenault

The Hayden Public Library would like to congratulate the bright and shining Autumn Arsenault!  She was “really excited” to hear she had been selected as our 6th Reader of the Week.  Autumn has lived in Hayden seven out of the eight years of her life.  She shares a home with her parents, Beth and Aaron, as well as her younger sister Violet, and a dog, June.  Autumn is approaching the 3rd grade and her favorite class is Art.  She aspires to become a veterinarian and loves any book having to do with animals.  She already knows that keeping a jar of treats handy will help her excel in her chosen field of study.  Parallel to prepping herself for the vet life, she enjoys hanging out with her friend Kelsey, the color pink, the new Dora show, swimming, ramen noodles, and using her imagination.  This summer she looks forward to camping with friends and visiting her grandparents.  In regards to reading she wants others to know that “books educate you”.
 Way to go, Autumn!

Week #4 Brody Frentress

Hayden native ten year old Brody Frentress was excited to hear he had been chosen as the Hayden Public Library’s fourth Reader of the Week!  Brody is the son of Amy and Tim Frentress.  He has one younger sibling.  His pets include two pigs, Maple & Syrup; three dogs, Roxy, Dexter, and Okly and two cats, Lilly & Sie.  Brody is approaching the sixth grade and his favorite subject is Science.  He isn’t sure, but thinks he might be a Doctor when he is older.  His favorite color is blue and porcupine meatballs hold the number one spot on his foods list.  His best friends are Anna, Grace, Landon, Peyton, and Jeremy.  For fun, he enjoys hanging out with his pets, jumping on his trampoline, making art, and reading—his favorite books “Goosebumps”.  He also enjoys baseball and basketball.  Avatar is his favorite movie.  Brody looks forward to going camping this summer.  He’d like to let others know that “reading books is fun, educational, and entertaining”. 
Congratulations Brody!