Week #8


          “I’ve been waiting my entire life to be Hayden Library’s Reader of the Week,” said the eighth and final reader Kimberly, age 9.  She is an avid reader, and visits the library often with her sister Michelle, 8.  Her parents are Crystal and Wayne.  Kimberly was born in Steamboat Springs and has lived in Hayden all her life.  Her best friends are Natalie and Keely.  The family has two dogs: a Corgi named Duke and a Chocolate Lab named Boojoe Max Gray.  They recently acquired two miniature ponies named Cherokee and Rooster.  They also have chickens.  When Kimberly grows up, she would like to be a Veterinarian.

          Her favorite colors are blue and green; and her favorite food is fruit. Her favorite movie is ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’  Her current favorite books are a series called Pet Trouble by Tui Sutherland. She will be a fifth grader this fall and likes to study math.  Her favorite sport is basketball.  She enjoys playing with her dogs, reading in her free time.

For travel, Kimberly said that every year, her aunt surprises the family with a special trip that they all enjoy at Christmas time.  Last year, they visited Mexico and swam with dolphins.  She looks forward to this year’s surprise.  As for advice about reading, she said, “Start with smaller books and then go to harder ones, but continue to enjoy reading pictures books at any age.”

Week #7

          Hayden Library’s seventh Reader of the Week is a spirited boy named Isaac who is 7.  His parents are Lauren and Jerry.  Isaac’s sister, Kaylee was also a Reader of the Week this year!  His best friend is Levi.  The family has two cats: Fifi and Micah, and two dogs Porter and Bear.

          Isaac’s favorite color is orange, and his favorite food is pepperoni pizza. His favorite movie is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  He wants to be a Karate instructor when he grows up.  His favorite books are about Tyrannosaurus Rex, and most books about dinosaurs.  In school he likes reading.  His favorite sport is playing soccer with his friends.  In his free time, he enjoys playing Lego Hulk with Lego Ironman, and taking his stuffed animal Sharptooth out to eat.

The family will be traveling to Denver to stay at a hotel, swim, and visit the Lego store.  They will also celebrate Isaac’s birthday on Sunday.  When asked if he had any advice for other kids about reading he said, “If you don’t know a word, cover part of the word and sound out what you do know.” Isaac said that he felt “amazing and famous” after learning he was the Reader of the Week, and being interviewed for this article.

Week #6

          Hayden Library’s sixth Reader of the Week is Kyson, age 4, who will be in preschool this year.  Tyler and Leslie are his dad and mom.  Kyson has a sister named Kelbee who is seven. His best friend is his cousin Karsyn, but he said “everyone is my friend.” 

          His favorite color is orange and his favorite food are carrots, deer and bear.  Kyson was born in Ft. Collins, and has lived in Hayden since May.  His favorite book is “How to Babysit a Grandma,” and secondly, “How to Babysit a Grandpa,” by Jean Reagan and Lea Wildish.  His grandma Barb said it was her favorite book too.  His favorite movie is “Captain Underpants.”  The family has two dogs, Sadie and Sassie, and a bunny named Cee Cee Chocolate Chips.  When Kyson grows up he wants to become a fireman and a veterinarian.

Some activities he enjoys are playing dirt trucks especially his Tonka truck that his dad used as a boy.    He likes playing football and soccer.  When asked if he had any advice for other kids about reading he said, “I can’t read yet, but you can look at the pictures instead.”