Carden Cucuel- Week #5

Carden Cucuel is a big fan of Harry Potter. He is reading the novels for the first time at age 7 and his mom Julie and dad Keane are surprising him with a trip to “Hogwarts” or the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in California!  Carden is also the Hayden Public Library’s 5th “Reader of the Week.”  He mentioned that he loves reading Harry Potter and that as a gift, the library gave him the complete set of the novels.  He will be a second grader at Hayden Elementary school where his mom is a teacher.

 His best friends are Fisher, Lynx, Eddie and Cece.  He enjoys playing soccer for the town team, and along with his dad, he is learning to play many musical instruments, including violin, clarinet, spoons, recorder, trumpet, saxophone, and electric guitar!  When he grows up he want to become a “constructional engineer.”  When asked what that is, he replied, “Someone who designs, builds and blows up their own buildings.” 

            Carden said he was “nervous” when his mom told him he was chosen.  This is a big responsibility and for advice to younger readers, he said, “if you are reading you might become famous one day.”  His favorites include the color red, ramen noodles, the movie Sahara, and studying math in school. The family has a 14 year old Chihuahua named Moto.

Besides, the surprise visit to California, the family will also be traveling to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  Carden is a very active boy who enjoys the outdoors including skiing, riding his bicycle, pogo stick, and being out in nature.

Robert Maksimov-Week #7

Robert Maksimov is Hayden Public Library’s 7th “Reader of the Week.”  He has been living in Hayden for three months with his mom Maria, dad Ramon, and 11 year old sister Ariana. The family spends 6 months out of the year in Moscow, Russia, and 6 months in the United States. Robert is still learning English so his mom translated the interview questions. When 4 year old Robert is in Russia he enjoys playing with his friend Richard who is 2 and likes to teach him.

He enjoys doing gymnastics, soccer and softball, eating 4 cheese pizza and his favorite color is red. His favorite television show is “Peppa Pig” and favorite Disney character is Batman. Robert likes to help his grandma make pizza, sing children’s songs and loves to travel in his free time. When he grows up he would like to be a fireman, “to help save people from fires.”  When Robert visits the library with his mom and sister he enjoys being read the book Mango, Abuela and Me by Meg Medina. Robert will be attending preschool in Russia, and likes counting.

The family visited Disney World this spring before coming to Colorado and is planning to go to Miami and the Dominican Republic. When asked what advice he has for younger children he said, “You should ask questions when reading, so you can learn more.” Robert was excited and smiling all day and couldn’t wait to come interview when he found out he was the Reader of the Week!

Anna Jenrich-Week #6

The sixth “Reader of the Week” in Hayden Public Library’s Summer Reading program is 9 year old Anna Jenrich.  Anna has lived in Hayden for two years. Her dad is Drew and her stepdad and mom are Seth and Rebecca. She has three brothers: Braden, 11; Nic, 9; and Silas, 2. Her family has three dogs: Gearhead, Trixie and Nova; 10 fish, and one Red Stripe Slider turtle named Rafael.  When Anna grows up she would like to become a veterinarian and an artist who draws or paints pictures of animals. 

Her favorite color is “azul,” and her favorite food is mac and cheese.    She likes watching the “Wild Kratts” and in her free time she enjoys drawing and playing with her “stuffies.”  She plays softball, and attends Totally Kids.  Anna will be in fourth grade and her favorite subject is math.  She likes to read books about wolves, and also the Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy series by Jane O’Connor.  Anna’s friends are Chase, Grace, and Brody. 

 This summer the family will be visited by grandpa, and also travel to Oregon for a family reunion and to see the eclipse on August 21st.

When asked what advice she would give to smaller kids about reading, she said, “keep practicing.”  She was jumping up and down when she learned she was the Reader of the Week!