AubryDowns- Week #3

Hayden Public Library’s third Reader of the Week is 8 year old Aubry Downs of Hayden. Her family has lived in Hayden for almost two years. Her parents are Kim and Bob Downs, and siblings are Tyler 10 and Kayle 6. Both Tyler and Kayle won Reader of the Week last summer. Aubry and her family are frequent visitors to the library.

Aubry enjoys playing with her friends Jessica and Hadassah in her free time along with jumping on the trampoline, riding her bike and playing outside. The family has 8 chickens and 2 cats Mars and Kaa. Aubry would like to be a veterinary missionary and travel to Cuba and Africa.

Aubry’s favorite colors are the rainbow; she enjoys eating sushi, crème brulee, tiramisu, and dumplings. Her favorite TV show is “My Little Pony,” and she enjoys reading the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborn. Aubry and her brother participated in wrestling camp this summer in Denver.

Aubry is homeschooled and will be in the 5th grade this fall, she enjoys math, geography and art. As part of the homeschooling curriculum this past year, the family did community service in the library by thoroughly cleaning all the toys in the children’s section. Aubry is looking forward to vacationing in California and visiting Disneyland with her family. Aubry will celebrate her birthday at the wave pool and the theme is “Moana.”

Aubry’s advice to young readers is: “its fun reading a good book.” Aubry didn’t know she had won Reader of the Week until she came to the library to get interviewed and was very surprised! She chose to make fruit kabobs with strawberries, bananas, apples and oranges.

JacobLee- Week #1
The first “Reader of the Week” for Hayden Public Library’s Summer Reading program is 9 year old Jacob Lee.  Jacob has lived in Hayden for two and a half years. His dad is Adam and mom is Nicole. He has one sister named Zoe who is seventeen.  The family will visit their cabin at Hahn’s Peak this summer for two weeks, along with visiting family members from Texas and other places.  Jacob is looking forward to visiting the falls.

His favorite colors are red and blue, and his favorite food is cheese dogs.  He likes to play outside, draw, and play on his tablet.  Jacob likes baseball, and soccer and plays for the Hayden town team.  His favorite movie is “Titanoboa Monster Snake,” on the Smithsonian channel, and his favorite cartoon is “Teen Titans Go.”  His favorite books are the Captain Underpants series by Dav Pilkey.  He reads 20 minutes every night before bedtime. Next year he will be in third grade and his favorite subjects are math and reading.

 When asked what advice he would give to smaller kids about reading, he said, “If you don’t know how to read the words, you could make up your own story.”  For next week’s Bingo & Cooking program, Jacob chose rice crispy treats.

 When asked what his reaction to being chosen “Reader of the Week,” was, Jacob beamed and said, “really good!”

Sydney Riele-Week #4

Hayden Public Library’s fourth reader of the week is 7 year old Sydney Riele, a lifelong resident of Hayden. Sydney visits the library weekly to get her prizes for reading.  She comes to the library with her nanny Shaundra, siblings Emmitt 4, and Addison 9. Sydney’s parents are Ashley McMurray and Cliff Riele. This busy family has 2 dogs, Oliver and Olivin, 1 cat Shadow, 1 hamster Maui, 1 lizard Topper and 4 fish.

Sydney will be a second grader this year, and enjoys math--specifically addition!  She plays with her friends Tyla and Michelle and enjoys biking, swimming, skiing and takes horseback riding lessons. Sydney also plays soccer for the town. Sydney’s favorite color is green, she enjoys eating macaroni & cheese. Her favorite movie is Moana and her favorite books are about Princess Elena and Fairies. She hopes to become a fashion designer in Paris.

The Riele family will enjoy camping and traveling to Michigan to see grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Sydney’s advice to young readers is “Do a little bit every day.” She was excited and nervous to interview when she found out she is reader of the week. Sydney chose fruit smoothies for this week’s bingo & cooking.

Maxwell Hospodar-Week #2

“Reader of the Week” for week number two in Hayden Public Library’s Summer Reading program is 5 year old Maxwell Hospodar. His parents are Brigit and Allan and they have lived in Hayden for 6 months. Max has a sister named Erika who is sixteen.  The family also has two dogs named Brandy and Peppy.

His favorite color is red, and his favorite food is watermelon.  He likes to go to the library and play with all the toys.  He has attended Story Hour and other library programs since moving to Hayden. Max plays t-ball and also loves to ride his scooter, bike and big wheel.  His favorite books all written by Dr. Seuss.  In the fall, he will start Kindergarten and is looking forward to “learning about school.”

This summer, the family will be driving to Michigan to visit Nana and Papa.  Max is a playful and funny little boy who jumped up and down and made silly faces when his mom told him he was the Reader of the Week!