Week #5

          Hayden Library’s fifth Reader of the Week is a Boe, age 9 who will  be in the 3rd grade this fall.  Boe’s dad is Roy Silver.  His best friends are Jarret and cousin Jonah. The family lives on a ranch and has a border collie Cody, barn cats, cows and a horse.

          Boe’s favorite color is blue and his favorite food is noodles with soy sauce, spaghetti sauce and macaroni and cheese. His favorite show changes but right now it is the cartoon “CatDog.” His favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss and he enjoys superhero books about Superman and the Hulk.  His favorite school subjects are physical education, art and math.

Some activities he enjoys are playing a football video game with his cousin Jonah. Boe is a big fan of the Bronco’s and likes to pretend he is on the team. He wants to be a sheriff when he grows up. Boe enjoys fishing for trout with his dad in the Yampa Valley. When asked if he had any advice for other kids about reading he said, “sound out words and if you don’t know them continue reading and come back to the word.” Boe was “happy and surprised” when he found out he was the Reader of the Week.

Week #4

          Hayden Library’s fourth Reader of the Week is an avid reader named Annabelle, age 6.  Annabelle’s mom and dad are Adam and Angela.  She is an only child but enjoys playing with her friend Wyatt. Annabelle visits the library regularly with her grandma Celeste, and has been a story hour patron since moving to Hayden 4 years ago. The family has two dogs: a Miniature Schnauzer Gizmo and a Boxer Maggie.

          Annabelle’s favorite color is red and blue, her favorite food is pepperoni and cheese pizza. She doesn’t have a favorite show but enjoys playing connect 4 and wants to be a ninja when she grows up. Her favorite books are the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborn.  Her favorite subjects are reading and writing. She will be in the first grade this fall.

Annabelle enjoys playing tag with her mom and dad, and was starting on the town soccer team today and hoping to be on the team her dad sponsored “Embers Wood Pizza!” The family traveled to Denver and enjoyed visiting the Museum of Science. Annabelle was “happy” when she found out she won for Reader of the Week.