Week #3

Austin Jazwick

          Hayden Library’s third Reader of the Week is an energetic boy named Austin Jazwick, age 7.  Austin’s parents are Kendra and Paul Jazwick.  He has three brothers, Owen 5, Donovan 16 and Lane 18. Austin and his brother Owen have been coming to story hour since they moved to Hayden 4 years ago. His best friends are Morgan and Logan. The family has two cats: Fod and Buster, and a hedgehog named Pepper.

          Austin’s favorite color is green and yellow for John Deere, and his favorite food is biscuits & gravy. His favorite show is “Caught on Camera” on the weather channel.  He said, “I like weather!” and wants to be a storm chaser when asked what he would like to be when he grows up. His favorite books are about the weather.  His favorite school subject is physical education.

Some activities he enjoys are playing on the trampoline, playing with his brother Owen and doing fun things. The family loves to go camping at Yellowstone. When asked if he had any advice for other kids about reading he said, “Find stuff in books you like!” Austin was “super-duper happy” and “the happiest kid in the world” when he found out he was the Reader of the Week.

Week #1

Hailey Bennett

          Hayden Library’s first Reader of the Week is an engaging 7 year old named Hailey Bennett.  Hailey lives with her parents, Gina and Bill Bennett; three brothers, James, Blake, and Brayden; one sister, Jill. The family has a lot of pets with three cats, two dogs, 13 fish, and one eel. Not surprising that she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up! She has lived in Hayden all her life, and has many relatives here.

          Hailey’s favorite colors are hot pink, blue and purple. Logan, Aaliyah, Kimmy, Payton, and Sabina are some of her many friends. Her favorite foods are ice cream cake, mac and cheese, chicken fried steak, cheese pizza and ice cream.  She likes to watch “Animal Planet” and “National Geographic” on TV. Her favorite movies are “Star Wars”, “Finding Nemo”, and” Finding Dory.”

Some activities she likes are swimming, coloring, ballet, baseball and basketball. Reading books about animals is something else she enjoys. Hailey is looking forward to August when she goes to Panama City Beach, Florida with her family.  When asked if she had any advice for other kids about reading she said, “Reading helps you get smart!”

Week #2

Kaylee Johnson

          Hayden Library’s second Reader of the Week is an amazing young lady named Kaylee Johnson, age 12.  Kaylee’s parents are Lauren and Jerry Johnson.  Her brother, Isaac, is 8 years old. Her best friends are Kendi and Tristan, who are also homeschoolers.  She has lived in Hayden for two years—having moved from Steamboat Springs.  The family has two dogs: a Pomeranian Poodle named Porter, and a Border Collie/Healer mix named Boone after Boone, North Carolina.  They also have a grey tabby cat named Fifi.

          Kaylee’s favorite color is purple, and her favorite food is pepperoni and cheese pizza.  Her favorite show is Heartland (based on a book series), and when she grows up, she would like to work as a Veterinarian with farm animals and pets. Her love of animals is her inspiration to become a Vet.  Her favorite book is Black Beauty by Anna Sewell.  In school, her favorite subject is earth science.

Some activities she enjoys are drawing and riding horses, painting rocks, playing soccer, and being with her friends.  She likes riding her bike to the library, and recently became a mentor for the Bradley’s Book Buddies program at the library.   Kaylee and her family recently traveled to Alabama.  When asked if she had any advice for other kids about reading she said, “It is fun to read!”