Week #5: Maci

Hayden Public Library’s fifth Reader of the Week is 6 year old Maci.  Her family includes parents, Karissa and Tague, and a sister, Maia, who is 3 years old.  The family also has two dogs, two cats, and one fish.

Finn, Emily, Autumn, and Cassidy are some of Maci’s friends. She will start kindergarten this fall and she loves art and going outside. Blue is her favorite color and asparagus is her favorite food! She likes to watch the TV show “Spirit” and “Tangled” is her favorite movie.

This young lady wants to be a fighter jet pilot in the Air Force when she grows up and maybe even do barrel racing in the rodeo. She likes to ride in her jeep and play “ride to Florida” in her free time. Her favorite book is “How to Catch a Unicorn” by Adam Wallace.  The family is going to Vernal to see the Dinosaur Museum next week. She likes to read every night before going to bed and her advice to others is “It’s good to have a bedtime story!” Maci was very excited when she found out she was the Reader of the Week.